Nite out with Jo

Been a while since i met up with Jo, so we met up for dinner and desserts / drinks and chats…

Sakae sushi, as usual, isn’t fantastic but still edible 😛
After which we headed over to TCC and tried their Devil-misu and their Xmas season special, Eggnog.

above: Eggnog
looks nice but taste exactly like cappuccino, seems to be lacking any hint of liqueur… hmmm…

above: Devil-misu
extremely fluffy cream, nicely soaked biscuits and simply yummy, love the blueberries (soaked in red wine) and the biscotti (made me crave for those by Dome)

Thanks Jo, had such a good time chatting and very happy that everything is going so well for you! Can’t wait to meet you again with Genn 🙂