A thought…

There are only few occasions when families and relatives meet up, to catch and gossip about daily life and happenings… and it never fails to amaze and amuse, when the occasion happened to be a wake / funeral.

While accompanying Dad to a relative’s wake, death due to cancer, seeing Dad’s siblings there paying their respects and doing the necessary polite chats… It occurred to me, the last time we saw everyone, were during maternal Granny’s wake, which was almost 1.5year back.

What have all of us been doing this 1.5year?
To only be catching up during such an occasion?
To see siblings rivalry and bad blood, being put aside for such an occasion?

Wonder how my grandparents would feel, if they were still alive, to have seen what i saw…
Perhaps they would be glad, wherever they are now…

But it still feels as thou we are all blood related strangers.