Extremely random question

“What’s a cheap thrill that isn’t cheap?”

Yao was asking me the above question yesterday, while on the phone and playing WoW at the same time (no idea how he managed)…

Didn’t quite understand what that question meant at that time…

So he explained…
And his explanation, was something like this:
– it’s a brief moment of pleasure or enjoyment or satisfaction with unknowing or unexpected consequences.

His example, was something like this:
Like getting to 3rd base (physically) and getting sexually transmitted disease at the same time.

Which in some wierd way, made sense.

And Ed’s example, was something like this:
Going into someone’s house and stealing their Koi (note: in case u are wondering, it’s a carp)… and getting whacked / jailed (my add on)

I’m still thinking of an example.
Give it a shot, let me know if you have an example.

2 thoughts on “Extremely random question

  1. for someone who had the stomach removed and can’t eat solid foods, yet tried to eat something hard just to overcome that moment of craving, and end up getting complications which finally lead to death?

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