Over the weekend: Dinner / Wedding / Buffet

Feeling kinda extra lazy today, i’ll just let the pictures do the talking… 🙂


– Dinner with Ah Loon at Waraku Cuppage
Nice company, food and great service!


– Darling Rinaz and Cartcart’s wedding!
Met up with loads of old and new bloggers… and a ‘light saber vs car key’ match 🙂


– Sunday brunch at Cafe Vic, with parents…
Decent food, not much variety though… but good service 🙂

And after all that…

Last minute Xmas shopping in town, with Mom…
Hahahaa, yeah i know i’m nuts to head to town for shopping but i managed to get what i needed, so that’s what matters most 🙂

And something good came outta that shopping trip…
A pair of white Nike trainers, which only cost me S$35, thanks to some cash vouchers.



Now, to wait till 7 to have dinner with my ex colleague (including my colleagues) and ‘scare’ him with a Xmas present, from the whole team 🙂

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