A cabbie’s ghostly experience

After a long day of tallying figures, i hopped into a cab to avoid the mrt rush hour and to rush home to pack my bags.

Once in it, the cab driver asked if i would love to hear a true ghost story…
Although i politely refused from the start, he still end up narrating it.

He recalled somewhat vividly…
It happened at 12.30am on Tuesday morning while driving through Mandai Crematorium area.

He spotted an indian lady on the road side, so he stopped and allowed her to board.
Once in his cab, she started weeping and conversing in Tamil. He asked nicely if she could speak slower and in English, as he was of a different race (Malay) and couldn’t understand her through her weeping while he was driving.

When he slowed down and turned back to talk to her, she vanished and left the jasmine flower she had, on the seat. Immediately he stopped, threw out the flower… but as soon as he started driving, the vehicle was filled with jasmine scent that was releasing from the air-con.

I told him that she (lady ghost) might have wanted to ask for a favor but picked the wrong driver to narrate her sad story and he felt it could be it. But sadly, he can’t do anything or console her.

He didn’t feel that he was unlucky but just happened to be there at the right time.
Quite positive of him 🙂


My thoughts:
It wasn’t scary but it got me thinking.
What kind of favor do they need to make it to the other side?

Oh and it got me going “hmmm…” throughout walk back home, knowing the lady ghost had been on that cab…


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  1. To the best of my accumulated knowledge, just like other ghosts stuck on Earth they need to see something or the other through that they didn’t or couldn’t before they died. This incompleteness makes them incapable of leaving Earth in peace.

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