– On Vacation –

Hi all 🙂

By the time you guys see this…
I should be asleep on the plane, heading towards sunny and beach-y Phuket 🙂

source: Google Images

It’ll be my first time in Phuket (another ‘first’, yeah!) and heading over to Bangkok, in the following days.

Hoping to fulfill at least half of my planned itinerary…

– Sunset on Laem Phromthep
– Go-Karting
– Fantasea show
– Shooting with ‘live’ rounds
– Island hopping (including suntanning)

– Japanese food feast
– Highlights, rebonding and treatment
– Visit and pay my respects at ‘that place’
– Shopping
– Chill

I’ll still be online and posting from time to time, if i can find a stable wi-fi zone.

But in case i don’t, just drop me and email / comment and i’ll reply asap.
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