Baby, Dinner, Movie.

Last Friday, our ex colleague came with her adorable new-born girl and brought us lovely pastries (aka One-Month pastries). Note: Baby’s mommy not in pic 🙂

Adorable and pretty baby 🙂
Amazed she could sleep through all the chattering, heh.


And an enjoyable dinner with xz kor, rachel, chillycraps, nicole and dk 🙂
Loads of suanning and laughing!


Lastly, had a great time watching the movie, Kungfu Chefs, with Ah Bear and Di.

The story is quite average and they ended the show with such a ‘huh?’ ending… but they make up for all by showing quite a number of mouth-watering dishes 🙂

I guess it’s worth to catch it on weekdays.
But if you can wait, get the VCD instead.

Rate: 2.5/5