Change. Calm and nostalgic.

Walked out of our dept meeting, feeling rather calm and nostalgic.

Calm, perhaps due to no expectation in the upcoming changes and because my team & i had braved through too much to be panicky.

As for nostalgic…

Well, it had been 2 years since my involvement in the integrated system, learning and provided information for a built from scratch system. Not forgetting a 8 month stint in studio with mindless system testing and adorable consultants. Heh.

And this time, although i’ll be working with some other colleagues (minus adorable consultants), i’ll be involved in some project handover and learning another from scratch.

Should be fun 🙂
But any plans for the next 6 months, would probably have to be put on hold… exams too, i guess.

Oh well.
I’ll work out something, somehow 🙂