After the announcement, which was 2 weeks ago…
I realized how lovable my colleagues were.

Being one big family, they were and still are concerned for my well-being, especially when i’m ‘on loan’ to another department till further notice. Kinda cute, when you see all of them feeling a little panicky for my sake… All of them were asking if i’m ok with going over for a short while, making sure i’m not upset with boss’ decision (which i already expected from start) and helping me out with the preparations and packing.

Even just now, during late dinner, they were reminding me to come back after the ‘loan’ period…
That goes without saying 🙂

Truthfully, it took rather long for me to settle with this group of friends / colleagues / family.
I wasn’t sure until lately, if i’d fit in nicely in this group.
But after seeing their cute and lovable side, on how we all stand by each other through countless of overtime and hanging out after work and the occasional bickering, it’s truly a family.

Thanks babes and hunk (we have one guy in our team) 🙂
Hope you guys will shift over in weeks to come and i’ll bring you guys to all the secret foodie locations, heh.

You guys are so lovable… *wink*