Random Thoughts.

Has the question “how well does your friends know you” haunt or make you wonder?

People around us, each sees a different side of us.
The cheery side, when everything goes well and when we are all having fun.
The moody side, when things don’t go our way.
The emotional side, when we feel hurt or lost.

But is that all to it?
Definitely not but most people aren’t willing to go all out to know someone in depth.

I’m grateful i have at least 2 friends, who could read me like a book.
Understand each action, emotion and ideas… just by looking at my expression.

These days, it’s easier to just be or remain nonchalant / emotionless.
Although i get misunderstood from time to time, it does save me alot more time from explaining.
Perhaps i should take over DK’s facebook tag, as “the misunderstood”.