Our Last Drinking Nite

Just came back from relaxing and cozy Piano Bar…
It hit me that it’s our last drinking night together…

With the sales, mkting and admin gang… and esp. with our current bosses.

As glad as we were, to drink till our heart’s content, most were feeling a little down about splitting up. Well, all parties end sometime and somewhere. May all the politics, bad blood and unhappiness end with this session and everyone start afresh in their new dept.

As for me, although i’m sad to see everyone down / cry and it’s the last drinking nite (for the ever social alcoholic team ever) i’m glad i’m still with my dept and under the same boss… 🙂

Thank you guys, for all the good and bad times we have all gone through. Whatever had happened, happened for a reason.

As unsure we once were, we made something happened.
And you guys will always be part of my life and memories 🙂

And of cos…
The photos are with me and Ron… hahahah!

*the unofficial partially drunk / high photographer*

note to self:
drinking on an partially empty stomach, is still never a good thing.