Don’t you ever wish someone could sweep you off your feet, turn darkness into light and be the answer to all your sorrows?
I guess most girls would have felt that once in their life time.

Same goes for me.

What made us think that way?
The never ending ‘happily ever after’ fairytales?
The dramatic and ever enticing drama series which always seem to end perfectly?

Or a part of us, that hopes in life, there’ll always be a perfect someone who’d make our life seem very much like a fairy tale and end as perfect as possible?

I guess the latter would probably be the answer.

“When will it be my turn?”
Always seem to be a hidden but burning question, in everyone’s heart.

The only answer?
We could only trust God and His will.
It’ll happen eventually, just don’t keep asking ‘when and where’ or ‘how and who’…