Mass Off Day

Our first mass off day…
Meaning, everyone in this co. is ‘off from work’ today, unless otherwise stated 🙂

Lucky us?
Not really, since it’s mandatory and no pay leave.
But then again, it’s better this than to have no job…

And i agree wholeheartedly, esp. when it’s almost job searching hell for most ppl…
Well for me, it depends on whether i’m willing to leave and search for greener pastures.
Apparently, i’m not willing to yet… hahaha!

Lazy, is the word.

Anyway, it’ll be a good opportunity for me to explore and learn new things…
And our HR dept has suggested we take up some SPUR courses or anything to enrich ourselves.
So why not?

Definitely something outta the norm 🙂


Side note:
Pre-scheduled post…
I think i shd be still asleep or lazing in bed, when this post is published.