Thoughts: Being 17 Again

pic source: Wikipedia

Caught 17 Again with Yao, on Tuesday.
Since it’s been out for a couple of weeks, i think i can skip the writeup.
Well, if you are curious or want to read up before watching, click here.

After watching the movie, this thought came to mind:
If you were given a second chance, to be 17 again, to rewrite your future, would you?

Honestly, i wouldn’t…
I realized i would have made the same choices, as Mike (Matthew Perry / Zac Efron) did the second time.

Cos throughout this journey, i’ve met friends and people who thought me things i would never have learnt in school, learnt to analyze people and things better and help people along the way and get into some funny troubles.

It’s all in good fun, that’s what life should be.
Make lemonades outta lemons 🙂

It’s not about making bad choices, it’s about making the best out of it and embracing it. Heh.