Amused and pleasantly surprised.

A weekend filled with laughters and hanging out with people i love 🙂
And it’s nice to be amused and pleasantly surprised…

For eg.
– spotted Wayne Brady’s album at HMV… nice songs and great entertainer 🙂
– lovely and fun dinner hang out with Joey
– catching Star Trek movie
– bitching and chatting session with friends + love ones
– surprised and happy, to see friends and love ones mixing well
– amused by silly people and their insane over-imaginations

Been a while since i’ve had such a good weekend…
Thanks guys, despite my random outburst on that ‘cold drink will cause lung burst’ / ‘convincing unable to get laid’ otaku guy, i had a wonderful time 🙂

To the silly people…
Think whatever you need to, I’ve no intention nor have i start any mind games…
But if you wish to give it a go, it would be my pleasure and amusement to show you 🙂