Been a while…

Been a while, a long while to be exact…
For me to feel so pissed or anger by a stranger, till the point i feel like wringing his neck or giving him an unauthorized sex change procedure or a Hannibal approved procedure.

We were happily having dinner and chatting, the bastard and his butt following sidekick walked in and took the table behind us. While placing orders, the bastard made a rather loud comment, “drinking cold drinks in Singapore? that’s gonna make my lung burst”…

If he had said it in a different place and time, i wouldn’t have reacted or give a crap.
But he said it while i was still munching on dinner and sipping ice-cold lime juice, it was hard resisting the urge to shove something, a metal spoon or fork or chair, up his ‘wherever the sun don’t shine’.

I mean, come on.

People were eating and even if you don’t FEEL like having a cold drink, there’s no need to make such a loud comment and irritate the remaining customers. Not forgetting to boast that he’s a stock trader, trading shares and earning tons of money while playing with a stack of adorably pink and glittery Japanese anime cards.

I guess the hot tea he had, probably made his head (the one on his shoulder) swell like a balloon.
That’s one helluva tea. Heh.

But boasting about earning and having so much money, doesn’t mean your weenie will grow bigger or you’d get laid, kid.

If there’s a need to find a perverted otaku stock trader, he’s your MAN-whore.

Anyway, end of rant.

Ah, feeling much better.
Time to adjust my moods.

Explanation for my unruly and sadistic thoughts?
Hmmm, could be the hot weather and constant headaches, mom’s constant and unnecessary arguing sessions or it’s just him (that bastard), getting on my nerves.

Guess there’ll always be people who’d bring out the most ebil side.

2 thoughts on “Been a while…

  1. The one thing that really offended me wasn’t his comment about cold drinks. Since that comment makes him look like a fool – probably in the same level as the Boxers (义和团) who thinks their talismans can protect them from bullets.

    What really upset me was his incessant boasting about the amount of money he made etc. There’s an old Chinese saying – 钱财不露眼。 He is fortunate to be living in Singapore.. elsewhere I am quite sure I’ll have people kidnap him and help him share his wealth.

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