Icecream @ Icekimo

Ok, not exactly a big fan of ice-creams…
Then again, i’ve been dragged to several unique ice-cream shops lately…

So here’s the latest one – Icekimo at Thomson / Shunfu.

pic source: Icekimo site

Met silly for dinner and he suggested going to Icekimo, which had been around for quite some time but i’ve never got about to try it. So yeah, we headed over and tried their brownies and icecream (tiramisu icecream)


Nice fluffy brownies and sweet tiramisu icecream, covered in fudge…
Heavenly, at least for silly 😛

Really nice place to chill, not too sure if they have wifi access but definitely a popular place with the young crowd 🙂
Love the cute drawings / pictures / wallpapers, adorable 😀