Quote of the Day: Love is…

Love is… when you’ve had a huge fight but then decide to put aside your egos, hold hands and say, I Love You.

Came across this quote, while reading a very popular web love story…
And i found myself agreeing to it.

Especially looking back at how i fight with Mom and all.
Although we fight, she started it and ignored me, it feels right to just be the one to talk to her first. Not to appease her but to work things out from there. (slightly different for Dad and i, we’d somehow start talking and everything will just fade, probably agreeing deep down to disagree)

I can’t change her but i can show that i love her despite her actions.
Perhaps that’s what Dad is doing all these years.

And although she’s extremely stubborn and refused to admit wrong at times, she does do things outta the ordinary, to make peace or show she cares.

That, i guess, is love…
Despite problems that arise, is what one is willing to do.