Final Fantasy: Distant World concert (SG)

Another first, to catch one of the top games and highly anticipated concert… plus it’s a Singapore Art Fest. show. Ytd evening was its last show… loads of fanboys and fangirls, but sadly i wasn’t one.

But it was really cool to have FF’s famous composer, Nobuo Uematsu, gracing the concert with his presence and seeing him perform with the choir during encore.

Since I was there for the songs, presentations and experience, it definitely was a huge bonus 🙂
Here are some of my fav songs they played (mostly instrumental):

Theme of Love:

Nearly cried while listening and watching the compiled vid there…
Would have cried if they had someone singing it… *sigh*

At Zanarkand:

Aerith’s Theme:

Love how the conductor (Arnie Roth) interacted with the audience and how the ‘high’ everyone was in.
Really interesting and nice experience, esp. the opera version of Maria & Draco, done by 3 amazing performers and the big band version of Chocobo.

Listening to orchestra music, choir and opera singing…
Man, simply amazing… 🙂

Just some suggestions…
– adding 2 more screens, giving it a more overall feel to it
– slightly better video editing and arrangement, some were going a little too fast / slow / seem a little badly done (esp. the 9 screen Chocobo part)

I’d catch this again if i get the chance 🙂
And glad my darlings and friends all enjoyed the show.

On an unimportant side note:
All the songs posted, are all rather sentimental and sad…

Dropped something, my old staff pass and ez link card, hopefully someone could find it and send it back…
And i spotted Sotong Boy in the crowd, been ‘bumping’ or spotting him of late.

Strangely amusing… 🙂