Compared to most, I’m slightly more liberal… open minded.

I hug and kiss my friends on the cheeks, play and joke with them, do silly things with them.
But i always know where to stop, esp. when i’m attached… vice versa for my friends.
(We respect our friend’s significant others, to not make them feel uncomfortable, thus not doing stupid things to jeopardize their r/s)

Fine with people smoking, tattoo-ing, being evil, bastard, hugging and kissing of friends, sleeping around and all.
I mean, what can i say, it’s their choice.

Accepting them is just acknowledging their choice and that is just how i’m willing to see friends and love ones.
All i could do is just advice whatever i feel is wrong…
If they change for their own sake, that’s good.
If not, that’s the burden or life they faced.

Same goes for me.

I’m not perfect, lead a very imperfect life, did alot of stupid stuff to hurt people and myself.
But time and time again, friends and love ones advised me, gave me time and chances to change…
And i did, not because of them but it made sense to change, to be a better person.

9 years went by…
I’ve changed into someone even those who used to say they loved me, couldn’t grasp.

Outside, nothing changed.
Inside, just a cat who have learnt new tricks and what hurts.

If you see the change, good for you.
If you don’t, then too bad.
I’m doing all these for noone but myself.

“In life, we constantly strive, hope and want to be better.
Not because we have to but because, we want to.”