Vid: 新不了情 – 萬芳

*心若倦了 淚也乾了
這份深情 難捨難了
曾經擁有 天荒地老
已不見你 暮暮與朝朝

這一份情 永遠難了
願來生還能 再度擁抱
愛一個人 如何廝守到老
怎樣面對一切 我不知道 *

#回憶過去 痛苦的相思忘不了
為何你還來 撥動我心跳
愛你怎麼能了 今夜的你應該明暸
緣難了 情難了 #

重唱 *##


hurts the most, when it’s self inflicted…
like a paper cut.

perhaps when bled dry, i’ll bandage the wound…
but till then, let me pour salt on it, to make it hurt more…
at least i feel the pain, than feel dead.

did you realize how much i’m going thru?
did you know work and family was bothering me?
did you care to know or did you assume?