World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day (WED).

It may seem redundant, to dedicate a day to remind each and everyone to do their part for the environment. But then it’s good to have it to remind us, when most constantly and conveniently forget all the time.

Here are some ways to reduce carbon footsteps, check out more ways at the bottom of this site.

We can do our part by (at least these are what i’ve been doing):
– printing documents on both sides
– taking the public transport
– buy less plastic products and reuse the containers

And well, some of us in the company had decided to show our support by wearing green today… I’m guessing other companies did sent out similar emails. So, don’t be surprised when you spot huge bunch in green 🙂

Side note:

Saving Gaia Series will be on CNA, every Monday, from 1st June to 6th July