Perhaps it would…

“Perhaps it would… have been better…”

That thought crossed my mind, while i was chatting with an old friend, Lorien earlier.
It had been nearly 5 years since i last saw and chatted with him.

Back then, while since in gaming, he was one of the few i grew close to…
Not due to gaming but we hung out with the same bunch of gamer friends, chilling and chatting and doing funny shit. And when he flew back to Germany, i missed him a great deal and that silly guy actually asked me to fly over and stay with him, as friends.

Perhaps things would have been different, if i had flew over and explore the opportunities in life, be the risk taker.
Even though so, i know i’m not a risk taker in that way at that time…
And i wasn’t ready to leave friends and family behind…

I guess i would have made the same choice, if i had to choose again.
As much as this path is so bumpy, made me a jaded person, it has made me see things and people clearer and learnt to appreciate life a little more than others.

Now, i”m more than ready to take risks and explore.
Guess if the opportunity comes knocking, i’ll take it and travel.
Perhaps an overseas job would be good, if i complete my cert and start looking.

Would be fun to see and do things before the years slip by and the end nears 🙂

But first, i would look forward to meeting up with Lorien, when he comes back.
Or when i make time to fly over to Jakarta.
Loads of catching up to do 🙂