LG’s GD900, Crystal. Transparent.

If you haven’t heard or read the news, LG has released the World’s First Transparent phone…

During this year’s CommunicAsia.

Technically, it isn’t transparent transparent

As in, you don’t see the wiring or internal built of the phone, it’s just the sliding numeric keypad.

Still, innovative and extremely unique, in design and concept.

It’s made of highly durable tempered glass, enforced with a composite alloy, that will be able to absorb shocks and vibrations. So i suppose it means it wouldn’t crack that easily if dropped, excellent for buttered-fingers users… *grin*

The keypad is very responsive, work as a track pad or scroll pad and acts as a handwriting input for GD900.

Not forgetting the Gesture Command, which is a preset shortcut for users to set symbols, to frequently used functions.

Thus speeding up access to functions and multi-task on the mobile.

For example:

After adding the preset symbol ‘M’ to the music player mode…

Users can access the music player mode by writing the symbol ‘M’ on the crystal keypad and it’ll go straight to music player mode.

To multi-task, users would just need to write another preset symbol on the crystal keypad and it’ll switch to the function.

It’s that simple.

I’ve tried it on the life-size model of it hanging at the booth, interesting to see how fast it was switching between functions 🙂

*life-size model*

Specification wise, it’s on par with the other leading brands…

8 mega pixel phone, 3″ touch screen, HSDPA, Wifi… etc.

More specification details can be found —> HERE


As for the actual set, had a 5mins hands-on experience with it.

Other than requiring time to get used to the S-Class interface, it has everything i’m looking for in a phone.

For normal voice calls, surfing and photo functions…

Hope i’ll be able to give it a full test, once it’s out on the market.

Anyway, it was fun, apart from being nervous as hell…

Getting to meet other bloggers, like Molemole, Nadia and Carlos and attending the CommunicAsia 2009 trade show.

Many thanks to LG and Deborah from Hill & Knowlton, for the invite 🙂

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  1. This crystal phone caught a lot of attention and publicity ! Yeah, I was looking at the GIANT crystal LG phone on their wall !!

    LG engaged different bloggers, on different days, for different LG phones, different marketing campaigns, ultimately, giving them the edge here.

    Must be very fun for you to be there !

    .-= JH´s last blog ..Updated to OS 3.0 !! =-.

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