Quick Updates

Curiosity got the better of me and now i can’t sleep, after checking the company email a/c…
Anyway, here’s a quick update on my life, for the past weeks.

New job scope, handling tons more things and constantly wondering if i’m up for it.
Doing quite abit of overtime, sometimes alone, but it’s not that bad.

Thanks to the team, everything has been going well…
So, so far so good đŸ™‚

Friends and Family:
Quite a few of my friends are getting attached, even my adorable cousin has found a cutie as his gf.
A couple of them are engaged or getting hitched soon… extremely happy for them, to find their ‘the one’.
Less arguments at home, met up with my aunt and cousins…
Everyone i know seems to be doing quite okay, at least normal.

I’m just hoping for more time, to spend it with them.
Miss hanging out with them – those i care for and share things with.

Caught a few movies… eg. Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past, Transformers…
Accompanied di to Comcentre, to queue for his iphone… (ended up getting it at one of the outlets)

Checked out Orchard@Central, tried Quiznos Sub, Jap cafe and Aston Prime at Centrepoint…
And not forgetting Night Festival, taking loads of pictures and checking out stuff at National Museum.

Quite amused by everything going on around me…

Loads of changes, to my life and those around me.
I’m not really analyzing or wondering what will happen next in life…
But i’m amused and amazed by certain outcomes and people.
Being propositioned, can be quite funny and somewhat flattering plus a little shocking.

Getting shocked, surprised and stunned…
And meeting for the first time…
Scary but interesting experience, heh.

Happier, compared to 6 months ago.
Thanks to silly and those who care:)


Okay, that’s about all, summarized.
Time to hit the sack, got a long day ahead.