Random: Work meets Flu A

Misleading title?

Not really.

We received thermometer(s) from boss today, to monitor our temperature.
She’s concerned for us and work, esp. knowing flu A is getting more widely spread, more than 50% of all flu cases are Flu A.

Could understand her concern.

If we view the situation (in her shoes), we’d be shorthanded and it’s quite a busy period, with the upcoming changes in programs and last minute bookings. Plus, we are working in a rather confined area, which allows spreading of virus (if any), to everyone in the team.

All down = unable to function

Some might wonder…
Why did it took you guys so long to be prepared and caution?


皇上不急,太监急。。。 又有何用?
Guess it didn’t occur to us that it’ll affect us in work, until something happen or till the boss worry.
No point being overly panicky and scare ourselves, right? 😛