Rant: Inconsiderate

I wonder what does it take, to have a peaceful meal…
When there are so many inconsiderate people around…

Kids especially.

Those who are trying to have their late dinner or supper with friends, would rather hear themselves chew or the flies buzz by than be able to recite your ‘speech of the day’, which your significant other had spent all their savings ($1k) on you in 5 months of relationship and treats you like a queen and how touchy you guys are.


Even if one don’t wish to listen to your conversation, it’s hard to not overhear your conversation, when you guys are speaking louder than the background music, the servers and all the other people in the cafe.

Be a little more considerate.
Chat animately as you like but not that loudly.

And really, spending $1k in 5months on puppy love r/s, isn’t a big deal.

<- end of rant ->