Back… but…

Back from Bangkok…

Still exhausted, no thanks to the oldies arguing over stupid things and making me part of the issue. To summarize, one inconsiderate and braggy bitch, the other kpkb and bitching about it.

And me?

Caught in the line of fire, having to listen to the one kpkbing.
No prize for guessing who that might be.

Well, i’ve said all i need to say by providing the most fk up attitude and direct / intended sarcasm, since they can’t stop and spoilt my mood for the trip.

2 oldies, almost 100years old, acting like kids.

I need another trip from this…

Anyway, pics will be up later…
After STGCC ‘look look see see’ outing 🙂

2 thoughts on “Back… but…

  1. I guess older people although a lot mature, sometimes tend to behave worse than kids.

    Not easy to travel with older generation with different travel mindset, aspirations and tastes.

    NATAS fair end of month, planning to go shop for another holiday trip ?


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