Thoughts: Coy. Docs & Family Docs

In the past 4 days (today included), I’ve seen 3 different doctors for my illness.
First 2, were company doctors and the last one, my family doc, whom i’ve been seeing him since i was 10.

It took my family doctor only 10mins to give me a proper diagnosis, that i’m having food poisoning and stopping previous medications from the other 2 doctors… While the other 2 nincompoop (yes, i’m extremely upset with them), didn’t even do the proper checkup and just end up dumping medicines at me.

I’m not sure if that goes for all company doctors but at least the 2 nincompoop i saw, enable me to conclude, discrimination can happen even at a clinic or hospital.

In my own words:

“Discrimination, can be found anywhere… even at the doctor’s office. when doc treats those under coy medical plan like crap… … and put their brains on shutdown mode.”

Made me upset, wondering…

Aren’t all patients the same?
We are there, because we are sick… and even if we are under company medical benefits, that allows us to pay lesser, doesn’t make us a lesser human than the rest of the patients, who are paying the full cost.

No doubt some people misuse the company medical benefits & policy to get medical cert but still, if we are genuinely sick and look half dead or has gone back to see you (the doc) for more than once, shouldn’t you at least show some decency to look at your patient in the eye and do a proper checkup?

No thanks for the extra pointless instruction, to not eat at all, since i feel nausea.
If i don’t eat at all, how am i do eat the diahorrea medication you gave the day before?
So, i’m suppose to starve myself till i stop feeling sick in all sense?

And at least try to give me my test result as soon as it’s ready, then forgetting about it and make me wait 30mins while you sit there and talk on the blardy mobile phone. Or push vitamins which i clearly have no use for, while i can’t think clearly and when i’m sick enough to vomit on your shoes.

And neither of the 2 nincompoop gave me a proper and direct diagnosis of what i’m having.

Thank God i can still count on my family doctor…
Even though the cost is higher but at least i still get treated like a proper sick patient and not like a box for medication dumping.

< end of rant >


finally get this out, feeling less pissed.
time for meds and nap.

8 thoughts on “Thoughts: Coy. Docs & Family Docs

  1. As the PAP has taught us all these while, there is no free lunch in Singapore. Whatever that you aren’t paying is definitely foot by someone else.

    In short, I think it is complete nonsense for those docs to treat you differently for the simple reason ‘you paid lesser’. I personally don’t think you paid any lesser because the company would have already paid them a certain amount to ‘offset’ what you aren’t paying.

    The fxxkers are simply just not professional.
    .-= xizor2000´s last blog ..Commentary – Maintenance of Parents Act =-.

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