Living Legacy – The Dead Sea Scrolls & The Ancient World Exhibit (2009)

I was at the exhibition yesterday, with Xizor kor and Chillycraps…

We were first ushered into a screening room, to watch a short video on the finding of the scrolls and its history.
After which, we moved on to the second floor for the exhibits.

In the first room (Scroll room), I learnt how the scrolls were found and what they were made of, all types of animal skins and how they were preserved. Countless of scrolls were lost in wars / battles and others were damaged, the remaining ones are being kept in The Shrine of the Books.

Not all found scrolls were related to Christianity, actually only a handful of it.
Best part, not all the scrolls bear the words of ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in it… interesting 🙂

And with the help of technology (infra-red & dna), they were able to match fragments of scrolls together, to make out its original text.

In the second and third room, there were quite a lot of bibles, in all shapes and sizes on display…

Eg. the microfilm bible, which has gone on the moon and back, with Apollo 14.
Eg. the King James Bible and Geneva Bible.
Eg. the 1890 miniature Bible.
and more…

How English language was created, to make it an official language and influenced the translation of Bible to other languages. Stories on how the bible had affected history and the people (King James, Martin Luther and others) who influenced and worked on the translations.

Kudos to the curators, who made the whole exhibition engaging, fun and a good learning experience 🙂

And here are the pictures i took (mostly self explanatory):

The exhibition will be ending on 20th September 2009.
Check out the website for more details or ticketing.


Enjoyed this exhibition, good company and learnt history / facts / something new…
And it was my first time / exhibition at The Arts House 🙂

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