Animation Nation ’09 – Usavich

Never did i imagine, a random film choice turned out to be a helluva good one πŸ™‚

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Caught Usavich (season 1 – 3) earlier, one of the films shown for Animation Nation 2009.
It’s a series of animated short films, done by Kanaban Graphics, for MTV Japan.

And the creator (without his team) was at the showcase, sharing with us how it was being planned / draft Β and the final result.

Season 1, mainly about the absurd daily happenings the main characters (Kirenenko & Putin) goes thru.
And Season 2 was about their jail-breaking and on the run adventures, mainly due to Kirenenko’s need to get his shoes.
Lastly, Season 3 was on the things they went thru to get Kirenenko’s shoes.

It’s insanely impossible to survive a bullet from a sniper rifle or a direct hit from a rocket launcher. Much less possible to change car tires and do immediate car modification, while in a high speed chase or being chased by police. Oh and okama chickens are not welcome or entertained πŸ˜›

Simply adorable, with a hint of random violence.
But without it, it wouldn’t be animation or suited for the branding.
Right? πŸ™‚

It’s currently showing on MTV or you can catch it on their official site (HERE).


Btw, if anyone know where i can get okama chick plushie (see pic below), do drop me a message.
Thanks πŸ™‚

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