Film: Best of Siggraph 2008 & Best of Studio AKA

Caught both short films at the National Museum earlier…
Well, not exactly full 60mins films but a collection of their best works, from commercials to animations.

My favorites from Best of Siggraph 2008 are the following:
– Guinness ‘Tipping Point’ (commercial)
– Paintballing / Pingpong (animation)
– They will come to town (animated commercial)
– Oktapodi (animation)

And for Best of Studio AKA, everything shown 🙂

If you are interested in more of the animated short films and commercials, do search for them on youtube.


Althou most of the animated series or films seemed to be dark and morbid but they reflected closely to reality and audiences (like me) are able to related to them immediately. And some shown, touched on issues like Global Warming, extinction and family, which are things we tend to overlook on.

Having had the opportunity to catch short films and animated series produced locally and internationally, had been such a wonderful experience and if given the time and spare cash (for coming years), i would try to watch all of them 🙂