Day out @ Ikea…

Was at Ikea earlier…
Checking out the small-scaled exhibit, of lightings fixtures made out of Ikea products.

Collage as attached:

Well, creative and unique pieces, which i wouldn’t mind having at home.
Cos i definitely can’t come up with such designs or ideas for lighting fixtures.

Just wondering why it’s sort of chucked away at one corner of the building…
Rather out of sight… *shrugs*

And of course, we wouldn’t missed the food.
Swedish meatballs~!

Other than loving their all-time fav. Swedish meatballs, the Stuffed Salmon was pretty good.
As for the desserts aka Princess cake and Punch cake, well i would say… acquired taste.

DD like both, i didn’t and probably wouldn’t try it again.

Not sure if it’s my taste buds or seemingly overpowering artificial taste.
Just didn’t like it… =/

Got the photo frame i wanted…
Before meeting the guys (Kor, Fox & Terence) for dinner.

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