Traffic jams due to discounted petrol…

Good news reached most local drivers, on a promotion for discounted petrol by one of the petrol companies.
No prizes for guessing, since it’s a dead give away with the picture attached (taken while passing thru) and the news article.

No doubt a good way to attract and give back to the consumers and possibly get them to switch to the brand…
But it becomes cumbersome when it triggers traffic jams and require auxiliary police to help direct traffic.

Couldn’t manage to get a better picture, as the bus was moving.

But basically there were almost 20 cars, queuing on the road, waiting for their turn…
Although the auxiliary police were there, the cars were still blocking the bus stop and stuck at the traffic lights…

Could there be a better way to it?
Or at least ease the queue and blocking?

My suggestion:
Try giving out exchange coupons (tag to their license plates) to those who are queuing and getting them to come back later, might help a little.

Just my 2cents.

2 thoughts on “Traffic jams due to discounted petrol…

  1. My opinion?

    Fine the buggers who are causing the jam. Queuing is for good order. Kiasu-queuing becoming a public nuisance should be PUNISHED.

    1. @ xizor2000:

      well, fine them would be a way… the company should be fine too but not without warning.
      the company offering the promotion should have come up with an alternative to prevent such unnecessary jams, so both are at fault and should be given warning for causing public nuisance.

      but before that happens, i would hope that they have learnt their lesson and make effort to ensure no repeat cases.

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