Dilemma, or not.

Have been a Pixon M8800 user for the last 6 months and honestly, it’s a good phone for my basic needs.

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Although it doesn’t have wifi and xenon flash, which my mobile bb plan and picasa made up for, it did provide decent web surfing, works well as a mp3 player and good quality photos that would put most compact cameras to shame. Cons, no full games, rss reader get stuck at 50feed, sucky battery life and doesn’t have a proper manual.

Yes, having one (be it offline or online) is helpful, esp. when there’s no help on how to divert your calls to another number, which i spent 30mins figuring it out where the heck that function is.

But as always, needs change over time…
Based on my last overseas usage & bill, which hit all time high in 5years, i need a phone which has wifi functions, better battery life and able to produce better photos.

Possible solutions:

Image and video hosting by TinyPicPixon 12Image and video hosting by TinyPicSE Saito

Even though i was looking forward to Pixon 12 release and getting it, I did considered the SE Saito, with similar functions and making it harder to choose from the two of them. And I always have a soft spot for SE phones, due to its phone aesthetics and good photo quality. After all, each one of my SE phones had served me well.

Had the chance to try Pixon 12, thanks to Nicole.
Thoughts on it, as followed:

Like it due to:
– 12 mega pixel (same as Saito)
– wifi function (same as Saito)

Didn’t like the:
– silver rim around the phone, very pron to scratches
– lock function, doesn’t work very well
– auto focusing still buggy (carried over from M8800)

– if the rss feeder issue was addressed
– battery life issue
– didn’t quite like the feel of the phone

They are both going at the same price, around S$498 with 2 year plans (high end plans).

Well, they are both possible solutions to my needs.
Dilemma, or not?

Guess i’ll only know after trying out Saito, for myself.

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    1. @ BK:

      thanks for sharing, well i guess it’s pretty much down to the battery life at this point, for me 🙂

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