Movie: My Girlfriend is An Agent (2009)

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My Girlfriend is An Agent, the latest Korean movie.
Will be showing from 5th November 2009 (Next thurs).

The movie stars graced the Gala Premiere at The Cathay, with their appearance, doing a short interview and facing countless cameras. Didn’t really get a close look at them as we sat at the last row but it was nice of them to spend some time interacting with the fans and audience.

Not going to go in details on the story but overall, it’s pretty decent movie with quite a number of fighting scenes and funny moments.
And well, there was a slight technical difficulty, which jumbled up certain scenes and left me confused on what exactly happened in between.

The usual “Good always win” and typical dramatic but sweet Korean movie scenes.

Overall, it’s definitely watchable, funny and romantic in some sense.

Rating: 3.5/5

It kind of reminded me, of Mr & Mrs Smith, the 2005 movie.


Thanks to my colleague, got the chance to catch it first with DD.

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    1. @ Jason:

      thanks jason 🙂
      sure, i’ll link you.

      @ Tom:

      Hi there!
      Give it a shot, it’s quite a decent movie 🙂

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