60 days to 2010

Unexpected, but it’s nearing the end of 2009…
A predicted year of financial hardship/uncertainty for numerous industries and people.

Retrenchment, pay cuts, man power freeze…
You name it and all were done.

Although it seemed that the economy is getting back on track and growth rate going positive, being the pessimist, i can’t help wondering how long can we sustain this growth and would the hardship and uncertainty start all over again.

Perhaps there’s a need for all, to keep constant checks and not take things for granted.

Aside from the financial situations…
2009 has been a year of many ‘First’ for me.

Appreciating art, theater performances and exhibitions…
Accepting more workload than i had possibly imagine, which is kinda interesting and pushing me forward.
Meeting old friends and filtering existing ones.
Being closer to family and seeing things in a different light.
Getting any chance i have to rest, esp. during off days.
Learning to fall in love again and being a better person.

It does make life seem so much more fun, if we ignore the pay cut issues.

My life, not perfect.
But with whatever amount of time we humans have, it’s always good to make the best out of it. Even when the situation sucks, what doesn’t kill you may make you jaded but it’ll make you stronger too.

It can only get better, once you hit the bottom 🙂

There are a few things i feel a need to do, to make it a whole load better…
Hopefully a trip to rest the mind and taking up a course would be it.

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