New Toy: Sony Ericsson Satio

Thanks to Dad, for allowing me to use his mobile plan…
And to Starhub’s FB fan page promotion…

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I got this without needing to top-up any amount 🙂
Still exploring and finding stuff to load into it…

I’ll write my thoughts on the phone once i’m done with blogging for my trip 😛


Side note:

There were quite a few screwed up moments, esp. through out the whole delivery + customer service part (eg. damped box, asked to contact diff. departments / companies and no one really answered or solved the issue), everything worked out… only after final feedback and trip down to one of the branches.

Appreciated the help from the following people (no names indicated, due to scattered brain user who does’t rmbr names well):
– Starhub’s Twitter online customer care support personnel
– person-in-charge at Cuppage branch, for helping to get the right sales support to call me
– the sale support officer who managed to coordinate, call me back and solve the issue