Filler: Books

If you are one of those creative / design / interior design professionals or enthusiasts, who is looking for certain design books…
Do try your luck at Sungei Wang mall (in KL).

It has the widest range of design / creative / art / photography books i’ve ever seen, more than PageOne or any book stores here in Singapore (imo)! And some really unique ones, which i regretted not buying, like the one below:

And they do sell some photography stuff, eg. Lomo cameras…
Spotted this too (which again, i regretted not getting 🙁 ):

lomo holga cat camera
lomo holga cat camera

Didn’t managed to get the name of the shop (not sure if it’s Gasheer), but if i remember correctly, it should be on the 5th floor (same level as the Daiso and music school). And my bad (sorry!), i know i’m not supposed to take any pictures… it’s just so tempting and it’s filled with good books!