KL Trip – Hotel, Food & Transportation

Okay, this will probably be a simple (i think) post with loads of photos…


Stayed at Hotel Capitol KL. It’s not exactly prominent, rather hidden by the shopping malls around but the location is great and the rooms we got were good. On the 17th floor and with an unblocked view of KL Tower and Twin Tower as well. I think we paid about RM 900 for 2 nights (2 rooms). Heh.

Actual view (no edited in any way):

It’s situated next to Low Yat Plaza and Sungei Wang.

On Foods:

Breakfast at Jalan Alor…
It’s rather quiet in the morning, or at least when we were there at 6am.
Breakfast for 4, was around RM 12.

But if you are staying in a hotel near there, do check it out at night…
It’ll be packed with locals and tourists, all there for the good food (eg. seafood zi char style, satays and etc.) and not forgetting, durians!

All the above were taken while dining at Uncle Duck restaurant (yes, no kidding, that is the actual name).
We ordered fried pig intestine (innards), claypot vermicelli crab, oyster pancake and the pumpkin steamboat set for one. I love the steamboat concept, one for each diner and the set itself is actually sufficient for 2 people… and i would go back for its pumpkin soup base anytime.

The whole meal cost about RM 80, i think.

The restaurant is inside Berjaya Time Square.
For more details, do check out this blogger’s post –> HERE

If you are staying near Jalan Bukit Bintang, do head over to Jalan Imbi / Jalan Khoo Teik Ee road.

There are a few Bak Ku Teh restaurants but Sun Fong Restaurant seems to be the most popular there.
Smooth, herbal, fresh pork ribs and extremely tasty soup, this restaurant served the best Bak Ku Teh! I wouldn’t mind travelling all the way up, just to have the Bak Ku Teh and come back. *drooling*

DD and i were walking around and found this nice herbal place, that sells traditional herbal desserts and set meals. Since we were hungry and tired of waiting for my darling parents, we ordered the above meals, which cost about RM9.90 to 11.90. It’s really good and i love the service there.

Just one thing, try NOT to order the bird nest dessert, the other desserts are fine.
Reason, my mom ordered it and it just didn’t seem to contain any bird nest in it… =x

On Transport:

Quite a few to choose from, the usual few, eg. bus, taxi, MRT / LRT…

I didn’t managed to try the buses, there weren’t any bus directories or signs to indicate the routes. And well, my parents and DD weren’t really keen to hop on and get lost in the process.

Anyway, you can only refer to the routes when the buses drive by (routes are sticked on buses’ glass panels or electronically flashed across on the top). And i’ve no idea how much is the bus fare.

I would discourage most from taking the taxis, unless you are able to get them to charge by meter rate.
‘Cos quite a few drivers there seems to enjoy quoting insane prices to tourists, even though it’s a 5mins drive. Imagine one of them telling you, it’ll cost you RM 20 from Petaling Street to Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Actual cost – less than RM 8.

MRT / LRT is the best way to get around…
It’s fast, cheap and the waiting time is minimum… plus you get to check out KL city on it and take pictures.


Well, this pretty much sums up my KL trip with DD & parents.
I do hope to go back soon, with DD, to taste the amazing Bak Ku Teh and do more exploring…

We still have quite a bit to see there.
Eg. going up the Twin Tower, parks and museums there.

My apologies if it seems to be a rush post, i’m feeling groggy as i write this post and don’t really wanna drag this post to a later date. And thanks for putting up with my filler posts and seemingly senseless sentences.

If you have any questions or planning a trip up, do drop me an email…
I’ll help answer in any way i can 🙂

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