313@Somerset, HMV and Hand Burger-ing with Chillycraps & Nicole

Headed down to the newest mall along Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, after seeing so many ads linked to it (eg. Uniqlo clothing ads and HMV).

Pretty simple layout, definitely not as confusing as Ion or Orchard Central and although not all the shops are opened / ready, they are all clearly indicated and within affordable range. Definitely my type of hang out place 😛

And in case you are wondering which level is HMV (after moving from Heeren), it’s on the 4th floor…
Music range, isn’t as extensive as it used to be but it’s cozier now, including a game area to try out the Wii and PSP before one decide to make purchase.


Finally had chance to try out Hand Burger, the new restaurant / food joint, that serves… burgers! *doh*

Since we were at 313@Somerset, we met up with Nicole after her haircut and xmas shopping session and dropped by Hand Burger’s branch at B2. We ordered their Sliders set (afternoon tea set) aka the bite-size burgers.


Nicole’s Ice Blended Lychee Mint drink and my Machiato.

The Beer-battered Doryfish, Blue Cheese Burger and Original Hand Burger.

And our ‘model’ for the day 😛


Well, i love the concept (store layout), menu (interesting design) and food (yummy burgers!)!
Only thing i don’t get, is the heavy utensils (kinda too heavy, not suitable for clumsy old me) and it just doesn’t seem to cut right through the burger, even though it looks sharp.  But aside from that, i would like to try it again soon, esp. the regular size burgers and salads… *drools*

*hints DD*