Not worth the trouble…

When a friendship is subjected to one person’s decision to whether it continues or ends… It’s not worth the trouble to continue or savage it.

As it’s subjected to conditions, which only that person can deem if it’s fair and the other party’s feelings or emotions are subjected to torment. All for the sake of one person’s pride or stubbornness, or thoughts that it’ll keep them safe and not hurt others.

Reason, because they feel neglected and / or not important.
But everyone has other priorities in life, eg. work, relationships and problems. So why the fuss?

I’ve heard such comments on ‘i wanna end this friendship’ or ‘i want to ‘format’ people out of my mind’ a couple of times, till i’m quite sick of it and numbed from such nonsenses. It’s like a threat, reminding that they have the rights and power to hurt you if you don’t listen to them when in actual fact, they don’t.

As much as I appreciate and thank you for all you have done, a friendship is all i can give and if you want to condition a friendship to your liking, that’s not going to happen. All my friends are equally important, as so is my significant other but priority will always be given to the person we love. Majority does that, so do you.

So there’s no need for constant reminders or announcements. ‘Cos all these announcements or counting downs are just constant reminders or threats, hurting people which you didn’t want to hurt in the first place.

So if you are going, I wish you all the best and goodbye.