Thoughts: Undo or Make New?

If you made a wrong choice or experiencing shit due to the wrong choices you made…
Would you undo it and / or make new choices, or stay on with the old ones and continue hurting?

This is one question i often wonder, ponder and never have a proper conclusion to.
I think most would reply with “undo and make new choices”, which is logically the right thing to do. But what happens when it’s matters of the heart, could you, without a doubt, answer what you did before?

I couldn’t.
And i still can’t, cause i know how it feels to want to listen to your head but the heart is hurting.
It’s hard to be logical while being emotionally hurt.

I think i did half of each, try to undo and make new choices…
And maybe even deliberately worsen the situation to get out of it.

It’ll be good to be able to undo a decision or choice, possible only before it even happen. But when you are in a quicksand situation, sinking fast and it’s a matter of life or death, anywhere else is better than the current. At least once you are out of it, it’s easier to see things clearer and find a better solution. Even though it’s good to have hopes that the situation will soon be positive, but it’s often the person you are dealing with that wouldn’t change for the better, no matter how much you hope or try.

It’s more of a ‘make do’ or ‘leave’ kind of choice.
Which i guess most would understand, especially when it happens a lot in relationships, eg. Partner A hoping B expects on to do this and that or Partner B just takes for granted that A doesn’t need any care and don’t seem to want to care at all.

After knowing how sad a friend is and knowing what she had and still is going through, I was lost for words. ‘Cos no amount of consoling will help or giving her solutions would change her situation. Decisions / choices lies with her, as she knows this isn’t right and what she wants. As for me, I could only pray for her and hope she’ll get through it.

Hope life gets better for you, gal.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts: Undo or Make New?

  1. sometimes its best to take a step back and see the whole picture first. Making decision based on the head and instead of the heart is difficult. I know exactly how it feels. But like i said take a step back and see the whole situation first. Make a reality check!

    but i will say do what is the first thing ur heart tells u. Never live in denial. Sometimes you have to be slightly selfish.

    1. @ BK:

      yup, just hope she’ll realize it soon.
      thanks 🙂

      @ junsern:

      yup, i’m trying to listen to my heart but not gonna listen blindly to it.
      as for my friend, hope she’ll do what she think is best for her soon.
      thanks for commenting 🙂

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