Thoughts: Comparing Mobile Phones = Comparing Medications

On Facebook, a friend left a reply to my “addicted, gaming on my satio :p” status:
“but still cannot beat iphone. =X”

Is there even a need to justify the gaming capability of iphone?

I replied in hope to turn it into a ‘laugh it off’ comment but he didn’t get it and went on and on about the iphone / cars comparisons / PnS cameras. Didn’t think it was even necessary to debate over a phone or go fan-boyish over it, since it’s running on different OS and different functions.

To compare the IPhone to a SE Satio, or any other brands of phones just because you prefer it or like, is like comparing medications.
One man’s medication is another man’s poison.


Aside from the above…

It has been a month since i got my Satio. Still trying out the functions, so far so good, no major issues after the latest firmware patch.


screen – requires tweaking, not extremely sensitive as i would want it to be.

photo quality in 12mp – near Fuji F50d quality, good.

default 8mp – seemed grainy and would require photo editing.

photo modes – inadequate.

picasa plugin uploader – one photo at a time, time consuming.

rss feeds – stuck at 25posts per feed, would be better if it’s at 100posts per feed.

wifi connection – unstable while using home secure network but works perfectly on free wifi network.

games and applications – preloaded with trial versions, look for free games / applications for N5800.