3rd week of 2010…

It’s the 3rd week of 2010 and similar to last year, loads of unexpected stuff happened in the first month…
And not forgetting a nice pile of work sitting on my desk plus in my inbox.

Good news:
– DD is doing alright at his job 🙂
– someone i care alot has found someone special and i’m happy for him
– jo’s hens night and ROM this weekend, soon to be Mrs Chng 😛
– arch’s course of study, confirmed!

Average & Bad news:
– reminded of E and how much i wish he’s still around
– a slight sense of loss and closure for the past 7 years, knowing that i’ll never lose him as a friend.
– closure with duckie
– knowing how childish one could be, fighting to be right over a piece of gadget
– arch’s leaving soon

Well i guess we’ll just have to see how the following 49 weeks will be.
Hopefully, if God allows, it’ll get better and better for me and my love ones 🙂

Back to checking reports…