Filler: New kitty on the block

Just being lame with the title(reference: new kid on the block)…
Anyway, one of the new kitties spotted under my block.

Not sure if it’s male or female, hadn’t been able to get near it for the past 2 weeks and the above is the only photo of it (which i have), without scaring it away. I’m guessing it’s a male, based on the features.

It seems rather grumpy, perhaps another abandoned kitty that my dear neighbors have rescued or adopted.

7 thoughts on “Filler: New kitty on the block

    1. @ JH:

      yup heh, looks forward to your kitties pic 🙂

      @ lbandit:

      not all leh, half of them (those under my block) looks or give the bewildered look 😛

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