New Toy: Canon 50D

Never expected to get a dSLR so soon and only thought i’ll only be getting the entry level 500D…
But Dad surprised me when we were walking around Funan with Uncle Matthew, checking out prices.

Both of them agreed, even the sales guy at Alan Photo, that it’ll be better to get a good SLR with good lens and stick with it, then to keep changing when the need arises. Now i understand why photography is an expensive hobby but a good investment.

So… now i own a Canon 50D with 18-200mm lens, hee!

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And it’s amazing that Dad didn’t force me to get a Nikon (he has an old film SLR), since he has existing old lenses (but require servicing due to mold issues)…

Well it’s a co-share toy but i’ll probably be using it more often than Dad, so anyone willing to guide this newbie along, pls msg me… would love to head out for outings if schedule permits 🙂

And photos will be up soon, hee.

Btw, thanks to the nice sales guy for being so patient and being helping and detail with the purchase!

11 thoughts on “New Toy: Canon 50D

    1. @ cc & robert:

      hehe thanks!

      @ dragon city:

      thanks thanks, hehee!

      @ JH:

      hahaa, will do!
      after the canon training course, okay? 😛

      @ kris:

      hehee 😛
      new lens and flash for u?

      well i wouldn’t be getting any new lens for a while, quite sufficient for now… haha
      and i’ve an existing flash unit from the manual slr, gonna try using it first 🙂

    1. @ IHSAN:

      heh yeah i guess so 🙂
      thanks for dropping by and checked out your blog, love the shots 🙂

      @ lbandit:

      no lor… still newbie, my first canon camera, not sure how to use yet 😛

  1. No lar! New lens & flash tt you should buy! You’ll have more fun shooting if you have an ETTL flash.

    Also get a lens filter to protect your new 18-200!

    And invest in a dry cabinet! Else you’ll get the mouldy issues too.

    1. @ kris:

      orh, yes sir!
      eh, lens filter – done.
      dry cabinet – tbc, using dry box with silica gel + charcoal bag 😛

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