Learning from scratch…

Everytime i get my hands on a new gadget, it’s always a learning experience, figuring out how to make it work for me…
Same goes for my 50D…

Nearly a week and i’m only getting used to the weight and program feature on the dslr, not even sure what else should i set or unset and the angle to use, Yesterday’s Chinatown outing with Clare and Narumi was pretty interesting, got to know someone new and who has learnt manual slr. But due to the crowd, i wandered away from the group and took my own shots… and get stared at by some, for having a huge ass camera πŸ˜›

Dad ‘QC’ the photos but didn’t say much, guess it was okay :X
Can’t wait to attend next week’s basic class, learn from GH and other friends.

Too used to my PnS Fuji F50d and its preset features.
Learning from scratch… hopefully it wouldn’t take too long.

5 thoughts on “Learning from scratch…

  1. I liked what you said about learning something new when it comes to new gadgets. When I received the PS 3 which was an early Xmas present plus Little Big Planet, I was busy getting kicked out of groups since I didn’t know exactly what to do there. So, I went off in the game and did my own thing.

    1. @ CL:

      yeap… πŸ™‚
      glad u got the hang of it and having fun!

      @ Ihsan:

      sure thing, would love to have you guys critique and suggest, for improvements πŸ™‚
      i’ll upload some and/or send you guys the link.

    1. @ Andrea:

      thanks for sharing, hope you’ll know every bit of it and take your photos to a different level πŸ™‚

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