Happy Vday!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all…

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Hope you guys are spending it with someone special or those you love most, eg. friends, family and pets!
xoxoxo for all 🙂


It’s our first vday as a couple but due to my annual family trip, we celebrated it a week in advance…
A nice day out at the beach and dinner at his place.

Thanks to my dearest, who tried making roses even though he was busy…
But due to time constraint, he bought a bouquet instead, heh!

Thanks dear 🙂
And i hope you liked your present~

3 thoughts on “Happy Vday!

  1. So happy that you had a great V-Day, Xinyun! Dinner and Roses, ahh, so beautiful.

    My daughter and her BF will be celebrating their first anniversary today as well. Hasn’t told her where they are going, but I know they will have a great time.

    Hoping that your trip is awesome and safe!

  2. Happy that you had a Happy V-Day in advance, Xinyun, and the red roses look so beautiful!!

    May your trip with your family be a safe one that’s also full of fun.

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