Rant: Easter Egg Exposed and Broken Easter Bunny…

I was doing my grocery shopping earlier with DD when we spotted these.

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A totally partially exposed chocolate easter egg and broken easter bunny, that’s on the shelf.
I’m pretty sure the supermarket staff didn’t play punk, just to have a laugh but some itchy handed consumer certainly did. Someone who’s overly curious to know what is in it.

Whoever did this, it’s not funny.

It’s never appropriate to open up a merchandise (be it food or anything) and leave it out in the open, giving pests a chance to crawl over it and knowing kids would be curious to touch or taste it. Which 2 kids actually did, touching it and almost tasting it.

And there was another incident, which i found a packet of freshly grounded beef, having the protective plastic cover poked through by another goon (totally different issue and at different supermart).

To all, please do not be so inconsiderate and tamper with food.
If you don’t have the intention to buy or even if you are just pissed off, don’t take it out on food as it could cause food poisoning if someone were to purchase and consume it.


The above items had been removed and trashed.
Received a call from the branch, appreciate their fast response 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rant: Easter Egg Exposed and Broken Easter Bunny…

    1. @ chillycraps:

      guess someone dislike the easter bunny alot, for not giving them easter eggs during childhood?

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